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Upgrade MacBook Pro RAM
By Scott on September 24, 2008
When I first purchased my MacBook Pro back in April of this year, I really wanted it to have 4GB of RAM, but couldn’t swing the extra $400 it would cost to purchase this upgrade.  Settling on only 2GB of RAM at the time of my purchase really wasn’t that big of a deal though because I had heard how great and powerful the ...

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  • Vermont Fall Foliage Pictures

    I just added a new post to another website that I run at This was a post all about my adventures in Vermont several weeks ago when I set out to capture some of the best Vermont Fall Foliage Pictures. Take a look and let me know what you think.

  • HDR Photography Introduction

    Update – With my continuing interest in HDR Photography, I’ve decided to begin my own personal blog detailing everything I can about HDR, including an hdr tutorial.

    Every now and then I stumble across some type of new technology that simply blows my mind.  About 10 months ago, Joel McDonald, a friend of mine who I met through StomperNet, sent out a tweet regarding a photo he saw online that a real estate agent had posted to help advertise the sale of a house.  Since I’m also a Real Estate Agent, my curiosity was sparked, and I took a look at the photo.  My initial thought was something like – “Holy Freaking Crap“. (more…)

  • My Lexus GS400 for Sale

    Back in early 2000, I set a personal goal to one day own a Lexus.  If you’ve ever driven in a Lexus, you can appreciate why I wanted one so badly.

    Over the next 4 years, I busted my butt adding more and more clients to my website design portfolio.  You see, I didn’t just make money off of the initial site design.  For most of the websites that I designed, I would also host them on a dedicated server that I leased.  It didn’t take very many hosting accounts to cover the cost of my monthly dedicated server leasing fees, so before long, I was earning a pretty significant monthly recurring revenue. (more…)